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The Nd: Yag Laser is aimed at the ink particles under the skin which in turn breaks the ink down into smaller particles. The body then absorbs and flushes these particles out through the lymphatic system.

The sensation of the Nd; Yag laser tattoo removal is often described as a small rubber band being snapped onto the skin. Most clients tolerate this sensation well and the discomfort goes away directly after the treatment.

Treatment Duration
This varies due to the different sizes of tattoos. Treatments can take from between 15 minutes to 1 hour. We can best determine this in your
initial consultation.

Tattoo Removal Pre and Post Treatment
Some pigments will not respond to treatment, especially modern, pastel, white or ultra-vivid pigments may respond by turning brown or black. These residues then may, or may not respond to further treatment.
Semi- permanent or micro pigmentation pigments may be particularly difficult as they are often blends of earth toned pigments, often containing iron-oxide compounds which commonly turn black on exposure to light. It essential that careful test patching is carried out on any micro pigmentation inks to ensure that pigment will respond without making matters worse.
It’s essential that you have a clear idea of the worst case predicted outcome. Which if acceptable to you, will be the basis of the agreement to treat. If the worst case scenario is not acceptable, you should be wary of continuing because you are unlikely to be happy with outcome.

Patch Test
Potentially difficult colours is the only way to check response and it may take multiple visits to find out whether a particular pigment will respond.



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