SHR – (Super Hair Removal), photo-epilation owes its effectiveness to the principle of gradual heating of the hair follicle by means of many overlapping pulses. The treatment is characterized by the way it is performed, i.e. In Motion, that is, “in motion” – significantly shortening the treatment time, allowing for faster, even movements with the head. Each impulse has a unitary low energy, as a result of which the skin is heated only until it is sufficiently supplied. , the total energy needed to damage the hair follicle. The high temperature permanently destroys the hair bulb along with the stem cells and thus the hair never grows back. Permanent hair removal treatments using SHR technology are very effective, practically painless and suitable for light and dark complexions.

E-LIGHT – is a combination of IPL and radio wave (RF). This combination enhances the effect of IPL by heating the hair to „show the way” for the electrical impulse that irretrievably destroys the stem cells in the hair follicle. E-light allows for deeper penetration and faster treatment results, effectively eliminating the amount of hair.

CHIN €10


FACE €15



LIP €10

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