Ultrasounds are mechanical vibrations with a frequency above 20 kHz, they are a type of mechanotherapy.


They have the following therapeutic properties:


  • analgesic and anti-inflammatory
  • they accelerate the flow of lymph in the lymphatic vessels
  • they generate heat in the tissues and accelerate metabolism
  • reduce muscle tension
  • increase the extensibility of connective tissue in scars, contractures, fibrotic muscles and joint capsules
  • accelerate the healing of wounds (both soft and bone tissues)


Ultrasounds also support the transport deep into the tissue of nutrients contained in cosmetics


Red LED light, on the other hand, increases cell activity, accelerates cell metabolism. It stimulates the skin to produce new collagen fibers. It accelerates blood circulation and improves skin elasticity, helping to reduce the effect of flabby, yellowed skin. It delays the aging process of the skin and accelerates its regeneration.


However, the Focus RF + TALUS has yet to say its last word and will continue to be available for sale as it is still one of the most effective face lifting devices on the market, as evidenced by its recent COSMETOLOGY LAUREL award. The LAUR OF COSMETOLOGY plebiscite is the largest nationwide plebiscite of the professional cosmetic industry in which customers express their opinion on the best cosmetic products, brands and services.


What is FOCUS RF +?


Focus RF + TALUS is a device that uses the operation of bipolar radio wave with the power of 7 MHz. Contrary to the previous monopolar wave devices, the operation of this device is completely painless and safe. The radio wave in the skin generates thermal energy, thanks to which the collagen fibers contract and thicken. The effect is immediate, we can immediately see it in the form of firming, lifting and thickening the skin. FOCUS RF + TALUS treatments can be performed on any part of the body. We have 10 face and body treatment programs to use.


Example: What can the Focus RF + TALUS do about the shoulder problem?


The arms are a huge problem in contemporary women. Often, despite exhausting physical exercises, diets and the use of appropriate preparations, with age and under the influence of gravity, the skin on the inner part of the arms begins to sag unsightly. It is caused by stretching and weakening of collagen fibers and it is very difficult to deal with this problem. Until now, laser or IPL treatments have been used most often in such cases, but these are painful treatments, and after using them, you cannot expose yourself to sun exposure.


FOCUS RF + TALUS gives us the opportunity to perform treatments at any time of the year and do not require any restrictions in everyday life.


In the case of arms, after just one treatment with this device, we notice a reduction in „loose”, sagging skin on the inside of the arms. Thanks to the use of radio waves on adipose tissue in this area, we can also fight adipose tissue and cellulite.


Despite the use of exercise, it is very difficult to remove the accumulated fat in this area. With the use of radio waves, by heating fat in fat cells, we lead to its decomposition and by metabolic processes it is excreted from the body. Thanks to this, we can model the shoulder line very quickly and reduce cellulite unevenness. The skin is taut, toned, there is no irritation or redness caused by overheating, and we don’t have to give up our normal activities.


Of course, prevention is always better than cure, which is why this procedure is recommended not only to ladies with an existing problem, but also for prophylaxis. If you want to always display beautiful arms, you should take care of them in advance.


Eye area


Nowadays, living under stress, constant tension, working at the computer, and too little sleep are very often the cause of darkened, tired eyes surrounded by a denser and more visible mesh of wrinkles. Droopy eyelids give the impression of a sad, tired face and add age. In order to counteract these problems, women very often decide to undergo invasive and not always fully effective treatments. They inject themselves with botox and undergo surgery exposing themselves to pain and sometimes complications, while this is not the only alternative that faces them.


By using FOCUS RF + TALUS treatments, we can achieve significant improvement very quickly and without pain. In addition to thickening the skin and reducing wrinkles, the treatment will improve lymph circulation and thus reduce bruises and swelling, counteracting the effect of „tired eyes”. By using the device on the forehead and browbones, we will raise the eyelids. We will achieve the effect of healthy, rested eyes without the need for pain, treatment of postoperative scars and convalescence.


Neck and cleavage


We happen to see people who have a beautiful, perfectly taut face, without a trace of wrinkles, but wear a scarf around their necks. The skin around the neck is easily subject to gravity. Plastic surgery works well with the face, but the neck cannot be stretched so perfectly. It should also be remembered that the excess skin remains on the neck when we are slimming and it is this loose and flabby skin that „pulls” the oval of our face down. Many beauticians and cosmetologists say that the face begins at the neckline.


It is impossible to take good care of your face while neglecting the neck and cleavage area. The FOCUS RF + TALUS device copes very well with this problem. It can be used to develop and thicken the skin not only on the face, but also on the neck and décolleté.




Hands are our showcase and decoration. But they also reveal our true age most often. Excess skin, discoloration and freckles are the bane of many women. Daily care cannot and should not be based only on the face, hands should be given as much care and attention as the rest of the body. Care treatments such as creams and masks are not enough to permanently tighten and thicken loose skin on the hands. FOCUS RF + TALUS is able to instantly improve the appearance of our hands. This is clearly visible when during the procedure we first develop one hand and compare it with the other. Then they look like the hands of two different people – younger and older. It’s hard to believe, so it’s worth seeing this effect on yourself.


How does the FOCUS RF + TALUS device work?


By using proprietary radiation frequency technology (hereinafter RF) and the contact cooling system, Focus RF can visibly improve our appearance. RF generates heat when an electrical resistance converts electric current into thermal energy deep in the dermis. The RF device disperses energy evenly into the three-dimensional tissue volumes at controlled depths.


The initial collagen denaturation in these thermally modified deep tissues is believed to be the mechanism of immediate tissue contraction; this is followed by the process of re-formation of collagen, which in turn tightens the tissue of the dermis and reduces wrinkles.


The safest way to rejuvenate (lift) the face and shape the figure.


Focus is a safe and effective device that uses the beneficial effects of radio waves on the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Perfect for non-invasive face lifting and body contouring treatments. The first effects are visible during the first treatment. FOCUS RF treatments are pleasant and convenient to perform, and for the client they are completely safe and painless. It is also very important to use a cooling head (-5-10 ° C) which allows you to work at higher temperatures without causing burns.


Obtaining the temperature of 45-60 ° C during the treatment is a key factor influencing the effect of the treatment, as it is only at 45 ° C that neocollagenation processes begin in the dermis. The use of bipolar heads with the built-in Auto Focus 3D system (patented and appropriate only for this device) allows you to set the depth of reaching the RF pulse in a specific layer of the skin without the need to set other parameters. In the face head, we have the option of using three levels of contact cooling, depending on the condition and sensitivity of the skin. The cooling system protects the epidermis, prevents overheating and makes the treatment comfortable.


  • Dermis – lifting + thickening
  • It uses the action of red LED light to stimulate collagen
  • Ultrasound with the power of 3 MHz
  • Three levels of intensity
  • The use of the head supports the transport of active substances contained in cosmetics deep into the skin, nourishing and providing the building blocks for the creation of new collagen in the connective tissue.
  • After the treatment with the use of radio waves, it speeds up the process of epidermis regeneration and soothes any irritations and redness
  • It is an ideal complement to radio wave therapy.
  • Fat tissue – slimming + lifting
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